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Worner Center is Colorado College’s campus union building, housing the main dining hall, Rastall, and the recently renovated Benji’s grill, along with mailroom facilities, the campus bookstore, computer labs, a fitness room, and a presentation space.  Located upstairs, the community service center, office of minority student life, career center, campus activities office, and the office of international programs provide valuable resources for students. Downstairs are the bookstore (online shopping is available), student mailboxes, the mailroom, the fitness room, and arts and crafts studios where students take classes in ceramics, weaving, pottery, jewelry making, batik, stained glass, photography and more.  On the main level along with the dining services are a coffee stand and the information desk, a central resource for campus information.

Worner was named in honor of Lloyd E. Worner, the first and so far only alumnus president of the college, who led the college for 18 years beginning in 1963.

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