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    Applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    History-Philosophy Website


    The Departments of History and Philosophy offer a combined major. Admission to the major is by application and must be accomplished by the end of the first semester of the junior year. Each student develops an integrated program of historical and philosophical inquiry in conjunction with two advisors, one from each of the sponsoring departments. Students may develop a program that focuses on a period (e.g., the Middle Ages, the 19th Century), an area (e.g., East Asia, the Mediterranean), or an issue (e.g., the environment, feminism).

    Major Requirements

    The major requires up to 16 units, distributed as follows:

    1. Introductory Coursework (four blocks):
      1. Any two blocks of the following introductory history courses:
        1. One two-block 100- or 200-level history survey; or
        2. Two one-block 100-level introductory history courses; AND
      2. Any one of the following two-block history of philosophy sequences: 
        1. PH201 History of Modern Philosophy; or
        2. PH210 Ancient through Early Modern Western Philosophy; or
        3. PH244 History of Social & Political Philosophy: Classical Visions AND PH 245 History of Social & Political Philosophy: Modern Debates.
    1. Four electives in the concentration of an area, period, or issue (four blocks):
      1. A minimum of one block must be taken in each of the two sponsoring departments. These four blocks must be approved by the two coordinating advisors to ensure that a coherent field-of-inquiry is being addressed. 
    2. Two methods courses (two blocks):
      1. HY399 Junior Seminar: Studying History; AND
      2. Any one of the following philosophy methods courses:
        1. PH301 20th Century Analytic Philosophy; or
        2. PH302 20th Century Continental Philosophy; or
        3. PH452 Junior Seminar.
    1. Senior Thesis (two blocks):
      1. HY425 History–Philosophy Thesis; AND
      2. PH425 History–Philosophy Thesis.
      3. The thesis is due by the last day of Block 6 in the senior year.
    2. Foreign Language (four blocks):
      1. The language must be appropriate to the field of study and approved by the two advisors. Proficiency through the end of intermediate language instruction must be demonstrated, either through coursework or advanced placement (or some combination of the two).