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    The Ancient World

    Applicable for the 2018-2019 academic year.

    Advisor; CRAMER, THAKUR

    Minor Requirements

    The ancient Near East and Mediterranean areas as the background of Western civilization. Emphasis on Greco-Roman and biblical forms of thought, organization, and artistic expression as perennial influences. (Not available to classics majors.) 5 units minimum.

    Students may take up to two units of introductory work from the following: First-Year Experience courses taught in the Department of Classics (including the classical block of a regular GS 101 Freedom and Authority FYE taught in the department; both blocks of Freedom and Authority count when cross-listed as CL115 Introduction to Classical Literature and Archaeology), CL125/HY209, EN223, RE111, RE112, PS103 (one unit counts). 

    Students must take at least three units of work from the following: AH207/CL223, AH209, CL210/PH101, CL/HY216, CL219/TH220, CL220, CL221/HY302, CL222, CL226/HY227, CL250/HY213, CL322, or other courses approved by their advisor. Students must have a reading knowledge equivalent to the first two blocks’ worth of Greek, Latin, or Hebrew.

    The Integrative Experience

    Normally done in connection with a course from the list of non-introductory courses. A paper or project investigating some aspect of the ancient world intensely but in its wider cultural and historical context.