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    MB410 – Molecular and Cellular Virology

    Virology: Subvert, Resist, Evolve! This course will focus on molecular aspects of viruses by analyzing DNA, RNA, proteins, organelles, and cells. Students will learn the processes associated with molecular virology and be able to use evidence to understand the structure and function of viral macromolecules.

    Photo from <a href="" target="_blank">Flickr user microbiologybytes </a>
    Photo from Flickr user microbiologybytes


    Associate Professor Phoebe Lostroh email

    The molecular genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry of viruses, including attachment to, entry into, and synthesis and assembly inside of host cells. Through lecture, discussion, and laboratory, the course emphasizes the experimental basis of biologists’ understanding of the molecular details of DNA replication, transcription, translation, gene regulation, protein localization, cell division, and signal transduction, and how viruses manipulate, subvert, and exploit these cellular processes. Lecture/discussion.

    Prerequisite: 1) Any 300-level course in Molecular Biology and 2) CH 251 or consent of instructor; BY 380 or MB 310 and CH 382 strongly recommended