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Your Sophomore Year

Sophomore slump? Not in my neighborhood.

Sophomore year is the time for you to begin really homing in on what you love. What was it about your FYE that got you talking in class? Did you unexpectedly enjoy your lab credit? Start your year off with some soul-searching and remember: if you want to figure out what to do with your life, you must first figure out what you love to do.

These Chucks were made for walking... all over your sophomore year.
These Chucks were made for walking... all over your sophomore year.

Be Active

Don't let what can be an amazing year of discovery and excitement pass you by. Have discussions with your academic advisor about your areas of interest and major considerations. Your advisor is a great resource for filling you in on departmental and All-College Requirements and planning next year's course schedule.

Use Your Resources

Located in Morreale House, the CC Career Center exists to help you with everything from resume editing to internships, plus discussion series on how your major can be applied to a career field. Make an appointment, and the Career Center will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Live Somewhere New

Another exciting perk about sophomore year is the option to bid dorm life farewell and cater your residence to your lifestyle. As a sophomore, you’ve got access to the small houses, themed houses, living-learning communities, and language houses, as well as the choice to live in a traditional dorm again. Each of these can add something unique and wonderful to your second year at CC. Check out Residential Life communities for more information on your second-year housing options.

Break Out of the Bubble

Here's another exciting opportunity: study abroad! CC offers dozens of options for studying abroad, with coverage on everything from language study to globalization to ancient history. The Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) offer CC students a range of accredited and approved programs across the globe.