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    Major in Economics

    2015 Economics Major Requirements

    2015 Economics Major Requirements

    2021 Economics Major Requirements

    2021 Economics Major Requirements

    The Economics & Business Department has revised the current 2015 Economics major and introduced its newest major, Business, Economics, and Society.

    Declared Economics majors may continue to fulfill the requirements of the current/2015 major, *or* they may change to either the revised Economics major or the new Business, Economics, and Society major beginning the first day of Block 5 (February 1, 2021). After the end of this academic year - 2020-21 – students can no longer declare the 2015 Economics major. 


    Even though students cannot declare the revised Economics Major until the start of Block 5, Pre-Registration allows students to select courses for it, now! To get started with the revised Economics and the new Business, Economics, and Society majors, students will need to take Principles of Economics either as a 2-block course (EC100) or as two separate blocks (EC101 and EC102). Those same gateway courses will also serve the International Political Economy and the Mathematical Economics majors after the end of this academic year. Students who have taken EC201 do not need to take Principles of Economics.

    For the revised Economics and the Business, Economics, and Society majors students will need Principles of Financial Accounting (BU205), and for all four departmental majors they will still need calculus (MA125 or MA126). 

    Please note: The 2015 major in Economics organizes electives in theme-based tracks and requires students to develop expertise in at least two of them.** 

    The tracks are:   

    • Business: EC 211-230, 311-330 and 411-429
    • Microeconomics: EC 241-260, 341-360, 441-459
    • Macroeconomics/International: EC 271-290, 371-390, 471-489

    Some courses may count toward more than one theme, as noted in individual course descriptions (e.g. 245, 347, 351, 405, 406, 407). Be sure to ask your advisor for additional clarification.

    **The revised 2021 Economics major does not use theme-based tracks.

    Transfer Previous Credit

    Click below to learn CC procedures for transferring the following:

    Revised 2020-21 Economics & Business Teaching Schedule


    Ready to Declare Your Major?

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