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    Student Research

    MAT Learning Across the Program 

    Jubilee Rivera-Hernandez website summary of learnings from the MAT Program, fall 2020.

    Jubilee Rivera-Hernandez

    Professional Development Module

    Literacy in a Math Classroom, by Nicole Lyubenko, fall 2020.

    2020 Literacy Specialist Program MAT Research Posters

    Kathy Gillette MAT Poster Shannon Summers 2020 MAT Poster Zehr MAT Poster 2020
    Kathy Gillette
    Teaching Phonological Skills
     Multisensory Strategies

    Shannon Summers
    Examining the Efficacy of
     Interventions For
    Students With
     Varying Levels
    of Learning Difference

    Anna Zehr
    Teacher Training
    and the Colorado READ