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Kobi Chumash

Director of Hillel & Coordinator of Jewish Life

I was born in Haifa, Israel, and lived there until I was 12 years old. Me and my family moved to the city, Rehovot, where we lived until I graduated from high school in 1975. During my teen years, I was highly involved in the Israeli Scouts Youth Movement — teaching, training, and motivating children and teens. As all Israelis, I went to the army at the age of 18, serving seven years in the Israeli Air Force. In 1982 I completed my full-time army service with a rank of Major. While continuing to play an extremely active role in the Army Reserves, I moved to live in Tel-Aviv and entered Tel Aviv University to study Geography and Political Science. After three years I changed direction and went to the College of Architecture & Design in Tel Aviv. I became an architect and interior designer, founding a small architectural firm with a colleague, specializing in custom-designed homes, restaurants, and offices. During this time I also designed, opened, and managed a restaurant called Samobar Café.    In 2003, me and my family (wife Sharon and two boys, Ben and Tom) moved to Colorado Springs. In 2004 I was asked by Professor David Weddle to take the position as Hebrew instructor at Colorado College, and in 2008 I became part of the Chaplain’s office as the Coordinator of Jewish Life On Campus and the Advisor of Hillel. Outside of my college responsibilities, I'm also a teacher at the Hebrew and Religious school of the local synagogue – Temple Shalom. I'm a faculty member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the FMAMS (Florence Melton Adult Mini School), a program designed for extensive adult classes and I taught the following courses: Rhythm, Purposes, Drama (History), and Ethics in Jewish Living, as well as grad courses: Israeli Literature as a window to the Israeli society, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Jewish Denominations,  The Antisemitism Equation and others.

Office Hours: Fridays, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the Interfaith House 


    1987-1990 -- College for Architecture and Design in Tel Aviv

    1983-1986 -- University of Tel Aviv, Major in Geography & Political Science

    Courses 2008-2009: HE121, HE122, HE221, HE222, HE321, HE322