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    Sociology Department

    Department Description

    The sociology faculty at Colorado College is a community of teacher-scholars and practitioners, each of whom is committed to students’ intellectual development and the practice of sociology in service of social justice. The scope of the department’s curriculum is quite broad, ranging from the study of social identities and interactions to the organization and function of domestic and global social institutions and structures. Across its curriculum, the department maintains a primary concern with social inequality – its various forms, structures, and processes of social reproduction – as well as with how sociology can inform efforts to bring about a more just society.The sociology major is carefully designed to facilitate students’ mastery of key sociological habits of thought, concepts, theoretical frameworks, and competencies relating to the practice of sociology and its application in the broader world. Anchoring the curriculum are required courses in social theory, research design and methods, and a senior capstone project.


    The Sociology Department at Colorado Colleges strives to develop students’ abilities to think sociologically, carry out rigorous research, communicate effectively, and engage with diverse communities around issues of common concern. Additionally, we seek to foster “sociological imaginations” that are not only adept at identifying and understanding unjust practices and institutions, but can envision a more just society and are equipped to contribute to its realization.

    Contact Us

    Department of Sociology
    Colorado College
    14 East Cache la Poudre St.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Tel: (719) 389-6820
    FAX: (719) 227-8219

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    "The sociological imagination is a quality of mind that seems most dramatically to promise an understanding of the intimate realities of ourselves in connection with larger social realities."

    --C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination