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    Appeal Process

    **Prospective students interested in applying for an appeal must wait until they have received an offer of admission. This is to ensure that families are not completing all the work of an appeal if they are not admitted to college.  The initial award sent will be based on 2019 income information and appeals will be accepted after winter break for those accepted ED/EA. A review will be completed by our office at that time.

    Downloadable Appeal Form (PDF)


    Documentation and Requirements for Submitting the Appeal

    • A detailed written request explaining rationale for consideration of special circumstances
    • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) filed by the aid application deadline at the website
    • The PROFILE application filed for the year of the appeal at website 
    • Signed copies of the most current federal income tax and W-2 forms for student and parents
    • Any other appropriate documentation to support the appeal

    Depending on the nature of the appeal, examples of additional documentation that may be requested could include the non-custodial parent's statement, documentation of additional medical expenses, legal documents such as divorce or separation papers, current business evaluation, the Verification of College Enrollment for Sibling form, for the sibling's college to confirm attendance, cost and financial aid, financial statement for business income, a federal Verification Worksheet or any other information requested by the financial aid office for consideration of the appeal.

    Merit Scholarship Appeal

    Please note that merit scholarships are not open to appeal--either to receive a scholarship or to increase the amount awarded. 

    Contact the financial aid office with questions or for additional information about the appeal process.

    Office of Financial Aid & Student Employment 

    (800) 260-6458

    (719) 389-6651

    Fax: (719) 389-6173

    14 E. Cache La Poudre St

    Spencer Center, 1st Floor

    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Hours of operation: Mon - Fri, 8:30am-5:00pm