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Campus Master Plan

To ensure coherence in campus design as related to aesthetics, sustainability, and the educational mission, we will develop a master plan for the physical campus to guide and shape each new project in the coming decades.

The Colorado College Strategic Plan: Building on the Block, was approved by the Board of Trustees in July 2013.  The plan outlines five major strategic initiatives, one of which is to enhance CC’s distinctive place of learning.

In the fall of 2013, President Tiefenthaler appointed a Campus Master Plan Committee.

  • Robert Moore, Chair, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Samantha Albert (student), senior 
  • Don Davidson, Interim Director of Purchasing/Facilities Support Manager
  • George Eckhardt, Campus Planner
  • Jan Edwards, Director of Accessibility Resources
  • Tim Fuller, Professor of Political Science
  • Darrell Killian, Assistant Professor in Biology
  • Ruth Kolarik, Professor of Art
  • John Lauer, Senior Associate Dean of Student Life/Director of Residential Life
  • Lisa Lister, Public Services/Collections Librarian
  • Andrew Post (student), senior 
  • Ken Ralph, Director of Athletics
  • Isaac Green (student) senior (2013-14)
  • Allie Romo (student) senior (2013-14)
  • David Wright (student) senior (2013-14)

Project Timeline

  • The committee held its first meeting November 26, 2013, and began work on the selection of architects to assist with the development of the campus master plan. That process resulted in the committee recommending the college engage Atkin, Olshin, Schade Architects and OLIN Studio in plan development.
  • After trustees approved that recommendation, the architects held their first meeting with the committee March 11, 2014.  All participants agreed that the best approach would be for the architects to listen to the campus community; think about and assess that input; develop ideas and suggestions; return to campus to share their ideas; and then begin again with the listening phase.
  • On May 12, 2014, the architects held listening sessions with students, staff, and faculty.
  • On October 7, 2014, they held additional listening sessions with students, and then with faculty and staff. 

In addition to these campus-wide sessions, the architects met with the Campus Master Plan Committee on six other occasions.

The plan was constantly reworked and improved throughout this collaborative process. The committee is confident that members of the campus community will find their suggestions and ideas contained in the final campus master plan. The plan offers priorities for campus development, while at the same time identifying potential opportunities for a continuous improvement of the campus.