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    Campus Committees

    2020-2021 Campus-Wide Committees


    Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

    Budget Subcommittee
    H: Dennis McEnnerney (FEC Chair)
    NS: Stefan Erikson
    SS: Jessica Hoel (pre-tenure)
    SS: Juan Lindau

    Governance Subcommittee
    NS: Amy Dounay (subcommittee co-chair)
    H: Re Evitt (subcommittee co-chair)
    NS: Olivia Hatton (pre-tenure)
    SS: Wade Roberts

    Personnel Review Subcommittee
    H: Shawn Womack (subcommittee chair)
    SS: Sarah Hautzinger
    NS: Miro Kummel (at-large)
    NS: Tricia Waters

    Personnel Policies Subcommittee
    H: Marion Hourdequin (subcommittee chair)
    Lynne Gratz (pre-tenure)
    NS: Brian Linkhart
    SS: Carol Neel

    Curriculum Executive Committee (chair TBD)

    NS: David Brown
    NS: Anthony Bull (pre-tenure)
    ID/At-Large: Tracy Coleman
    SS: John Gould
    H: Chet Lisiecki (pre-tenure)
    SS: Karen Roybal (pre-tenure)
    H: Carrie Ruiz

    Humanities Executive Committee

    Bill Davis (chair)
    Ruth Kolarik
    Jared Richman

    Natural Sciences Executive Committee (NSEC)

    Murphy Brasuel (chair)
    Darrell Killian
    Jane McDougall

    Social Sciences Executive Committee (SSEC)

    Douglas Edlin (chair)
    Tip Ragan
    Mike Taber

    Appeals Board


    Tracy Coleman
    Kate Leonard
    Carrie Ruiz

    Natural Sciences

    Lori Driscoll
    Emilie Gray
    Neena Grover

    Social Sciences

    Krista Fish
    Kathy Giuffre
    Sandi Wong


    John Gould
    Jane Hilberry
    Esther Redmount

    General Education Assessment Working Groups

    David Gardiner (co-chair)
    Christina Rader (co-chair)

    H: Tom Lindblade
    SS: Christina Rader
    NS: Sarah Schanz

    H: Richard Buxton
    H: David Gardiner
    H: Monica Sanchez

    Equity and Power:
    H: Najnin Islam
    SS: Dwanna McKay
    SS: Florencia Rojo

    Task Forces

    Library & Informational Technology

    SS: Scott Ingram
    H: Alexei Pavlenko
    NS: Mark Wilson
    Staff: Sara Rotunno
    Staff: Mateo Munoz

    International Studies

    SS: John Williams (chair)
    H: Amanda Minervini
    H: Pallavi Sriram
    NS: Matthew Whitehead

    Foreign Languages Departments Study

    H: Joan Ericson (chair)
    H: Marcia Dobson
    H: Andreea Marinescu
    SS: Purvi Mehta
    H: Michael O’Riley
    H: Ane Steckenbiller

    Community Engagement Groups 


    SS: Paul Adler (chair)
    H: Alberto Hernandez-Lemus
    SS: Kat Miller-Stevens
    SS: Carol Neel (advisory)
    NS: Mike Siddoway (advisory)
    Jordan Radke (ex officio)

    Climate Change Task Force

    Objective achieved 2019-20 (transfer to the Provost’s working group)

    Humanities Visioning:

    Dean Garcia (co-chair)
    Corinne Scheiner (co-chair)
    Iddo Aharony
    Jean Lee
    Chet Lisiecki
    Danielle Sanchez

    STEM@CC Working Group:

    Lori Driscoll (chair)
    Ike Agbanusi
    Andrea Bruder
    Anthony Bull
    Amy Dounay
    Sara Hanson
    Shane Heschel
    Scott Ingram
    Rachel Jabaily
    Christine Siddoway
    Rebecca Barnes (sabbatical 2020-2021)
    Natalie Gosnell (sabbatical 2020-2021)
    Jessica Kisunzu (sabbatical 2020-2021)

    K-12 Education (+ Stroud Scholars College Access Program, Writing Committee)

    H: Marie Davis-Green
    SS: (no faculty available)
    Jordan Radke (ex officio)

    Title IX Support Committee

    NS: Peggy Daugherty

    Appointed Committees & Special Assignments 

    Academic Events

    ID: Ammar Naji (chair)
    NS: Janet Burge (1)
    SS: Yogesh Chandrani

    Assessment Committee (chair TBD)

    NS: Sally Meyer
    SS: Vanessa Munoz
    H: John Riker

    Athletics Board

    Pedro de Araujo (chair) NCAA Rep
    SS: Jamal Ratchford
    Staff: Kelley Banet

    Budget and Compensation (FEC Budget Representatives)

    H: Dennis McEnnerney (chair)
    NS: Stefan Erikson
    SS: Jessica Hoel (pre-tenure)
    SS: Juan Lindau
    Staff: Lucie Tennis
    Staff: Judy Kanagy
    Staff: Sara Rotunno
    Staff: William Schiffelbein
    Staff: Lucie Tennis
    Staff: Judy Kanagy
    Staff: Jazmine Newsom
    Staff: April Scriven

    Campus Design Review Board

    H: Rachel Paupek
    NS: Flavia Sancier-Barbosa
    SS: (no faculty available)
    Staff: Klay Matlock

    Admissions and Financial Aid

    SS: Kristina Acri
    H: Owen Cramer
    NS: Jenn Garcia

    Committee on Instruction

    SSEC Rep: Doug Edlin
    ID: Nadia Guessous
    NSEC Rep: Darrell Killian
    HEC Rep: Ruth Kolarik

    Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF)

    SS: Tim Fuller
    H: Baran Germen
    NS: Adam Light
    NS: Patricia Purdue

    Vice Provost Advisory Committee

    H: Tamara Bentley
    SS: Sandi Wong

    Diversity & Equity Advisory Board

    NS: Emilie Gray
    NS: Neena Grover (faculty co-chair)
    H: Natanya Pulley
    SS: Christian Sorace
    Staff: Anneke Bruwer
    Staff: Pearl Leonard-Rock
    Staff: Debra Yazulla Moretenson
    Staff: Cathy Gillis

    Faculty Research and Development Board

    NSEC Rep: Jane McDougall
    HEC Rep: Jared Richman
    SSEC Rep: Mike Taber

    Health Professions Advisory Committee

    NS: Lori Driscoll (chair)
    NS: Olivia Hatton
    SS: Amy Kohout [on leave 2020-21]

    Institutional Review Board

    NS: John Horner
    NS: Jason Weaver
    Staff: Michael McNamee

    Summer Session Committee

    Jim Burke (chair, ex officio)
    NSEC Rep: Murphy Brasuel
    HEC/ID Rep: Bill Davis
    SSEC Rep: Tip Ragan
    SS: Manya Whitaker (Chair of Education, Fall 2020)
    SS: Howard Drossman (Chair of Education, Spring 2021)  

    Special Assignments

    Faculty Meeting Secretary: Debby Van Orden
    College Budget Committee Faculty Co-Chair: Dan Johnson (SS)
    Community Standards and Conduct Advisory Committee: Christopher Hunt (H)
    COVID Advisory Leadership Team (ALT): Gail Murphy-Geiss (SS)
    CCSGA Adviser: Paul Myrow (NS)
    Honor Council Advisers: George Butte (H), Dan Ellsworth (NS)
    IACUC: Lori Driscoll (NS, chair); Krista Fish (NS)
    KRCC: Beth Malmskog (NS)
    Children’s Center Liaison: Mike Angstadt (ID); Committee: Ben Hindell
    Cutler Board Liaisons: Nate Marshall (H), Jake Smith (SS)
    Press Committee Facilitator: Jane Hilberry (H)
    Investment Committee (Trustee) Liaison: Aju Fenn (SS)
    Watson Committee: Michael Sawyer (liaison/chair), Rick Furtak (H), John Horner (NS), Jean Lee (SS)
    Sheffer Fund Committee: Mike Siddoway (NS, chair)

    Chairs/Program Directors, Fall 2020





    Christina Leza 



    Gale Murray 

    Kate Leonard (Director of Studio Program) 

    Asian Studies 

    Vibha Kapuria-Foreman 


    Chemistry & Biochemistry 

    Habiba Vaghoo 

    Amy Dounay 


    Sanjaya Thakur 


    Comparative Literature 

    Corinne Scheiner 


    Economics & Business 

    Susan Ashley 



    Howard Drossman (fall); 

    Manya Whitaker (spring) 

    Tina Valtierra 


    Steven Hayward 

    Genny Love 

    Environmental Program 

    Corina McKendry 

    Eric Perramond 

    Feminist & Gender Studies 

    Heidi Lewis 


    Film and Media Studies 

    Scott Krzych 

    Dylan Nelson 


    Ibrahima Wade 


    General Studies 

    Claire Garcia 



    Christine Siddoway 


    Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian Studies (Formerly GREAL) 

    Hong Jiang 

    William (Bill) Davis 


    Bryan Rommel-Ruiz 

    John Williams 

    Human Biology and Kinesiology 

    Kristi Erdal 


    Mathematics and Computer Science 

    Mike Siddoway 

    Marlow Anderson 

    Molecular Biology (MB) 

    Ralph Bertrand 



    Ofer Ben-Amots 

    Susan Grace 

    Organismal Biology and Ecology 

    Shane Heschel 



    Helen Daly 



    Kristine Lang 


    Political Science 

    Dana Wolfe 

    Eve Grace 


    Tomi-Ann Roberts 



    Sabbatical 2020-21

    Rebecca Barnes (full-year)
    Amanda Bowman (full-year)
    Shane Burns (half-year, spring)
    Phillip Cervantes (half-year, fall)
    Elizabeth Coggins (half-year, spring)
    Eli Fahrenkrug (half-year, spring)
    Henry Fricke (half-year, fall)
    Sylvan Goldberg (half-year, spring)
    Natalie Gosnell (half-year, fall)
    Bob Jacobs (half-year, spring)
    Scott Johnson (full-year)
    Jessica Kisunzu (half-year, fall)
    Rushaan Kumar (half-year, spring)
    Jane Murphy (half-year, spring)
    Dylan Nelson (half-year, split)
    Pamela Reaves (half-year, fall)
    Ibrahima Wade (half-year, fall)
    Manya Whitaker (half-year, spring)

    Jubilee 2020-21

    Mark Smith

    Students on Campus-Wide Committees 2020 - 2021
    (received from Sophie Cardin, CCSGA VP for Outreach)

    Curriculum Executive Committee: Deksyos Damtew, Theodore-Sky Weiss, Laurel Sullivan
    Committee on Instruction: James Hanafee, Maddi Schink
    IT & Library Board: Taylor Hawkins, Sierra Romero
    Budget Committee: Alanna Jackson, Lilly Davis
    NCAA: Sydney Lane
    CSURF: Gracia Seeley, Kate Shiliro
    Foreign Language Task Force: Isabelle Smith
    Science Visioning: Mary Alice Ewing, Madeline Ross
    Committee on Student Community Standards: Colleen Campbell, Sophie Cardin
    Sheffer Fund: Nicholas Cleveland-Stout