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Advancement and Development

College-Wide Policies

Below is an alphabetical list of policies. If you know a word in the policy's title, type it in the box below and suggestions will appear. If you would like to see a brief summary of the policies suggested, click in the box to the right of the search box.

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  • Advancement Database Usage

    The college commits to safeguarding sensitive information for its constituents, protecting a relationship of trust with donors, alumni, students, and friends.

  • Advancement Privacy Notice Policy

  • Colorado College’s Online Community (“Our CC”)

    This policy outlines terms and conditions for use of Colorado College’s online community. The terms and conditions are required by the vendor that provides the online community software. The terms and conditions serve to protect the vendor and the college and to define acceptable conduct by users of the site.

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Policy

  • General Privacy Policy

  • Naming Policy

    Naming of facilities and programs is a way to honor distinguished alumni, donors, and friends of Colorado College. This policy is established to support a consistent methodology that ensures that all naming practices reflect the college’s purpose and mission.

  • Student Fundraising

    Students may only raise funds in the college’s name using the college’s 501(c)(3) IRS determination for purposes that are appropriate to the mission and needs of the college. This document defines college policy for students’ fundraising appeals to donors external to campus in the college’s name.