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    Information Technology

    College-Wide Policies

    Below is an alphabetical list of policies. If you know a word in the policy's title, type it in the box below and suggestions will appear. If you would like to see a brief summary of the policies suggested, click in the box to the right of the search box.

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    • Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

      Information technology resources are central to the educational mission of Colorado College. CC students, faculty, and staff must respect the rights of others, abide by all college policies and applicable state and federal laws, and assume shared responsibility for safeguarding the college's information technology environment. Colorado College's computing resources may not be used for any activity ...

    • Colorado College Unmanned Aircraft System Policy

      The operation of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), commonly referred to as a drone, is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As a private institution, Colorado College establishes the following policy to govern the operation by any person of a drone from or above the College’s campuses or properties. This policy extends to any and all property owned, rented, leased, or controlled...

    • Colorado College’s Online Community (“Our CC”)

      This policy outlines terms and conditions for use of Colorado College’s online community. The terms and conditions are required by the vendor that provides the online community software. The terms and conditions serve to protect the vendor and the college and to define acceptable conduct by users of the site.

    • Data Access Policy

      This policy attempts to clarify how electronic data residing on college systems is the property of Colorado College, but that the privacy of faculty, staff, and students will be respected.

    • Email and Network Account Expiration Policy

      In keeping with the college’s responsibility to ensure policies and procedures are in place that will minimize the disclosure of private information or the unwanted release and distribution of sensitive data, these guidelines outline procedures on the termination of employee network accounts.

    • EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Policy

    • General Privacy Policy

    • Information Security Policy

      The purpose of this policy is to ensure the protection of Colorado College’s information resources from accidental or intentional access or damage while also preserving and nurturing the open, information-sharing requirements of its academic culture.

      This policy is applicable to all students, faculty, and staff and to all others granted use of Colorado College...

    • Information Technology Change Management Policy

      This policy defines how changes are made to the college’s IT technology, including servers, network, applications and data. When this policy is followed, the risk of incidents is reduced and the integrity of the business operations and reporting is preserved. Without policy formality, the risk of incidents would be higher and accountability for IT changes would be insufficiently documented. Change...

    • Technology Adoption Policy

      The adoption of applications (defined as not only applications, but software, systems, platforms, online services, and technologies that go by other names) for institutional use has become increasingly complex in recent years. It can be quite challenging to find the technology that best meets a specific need, is compatible with technology already used at the college, complies with interoperability ...