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    Assistive Technology



    • Produces text in color gradients that allows user to guide eyes from one end of a sentence to the beginning of another sentence more easily  
    • Available as Chrome Extension or Android and iOS application 
    • Limited free use with extension or paid application available 


    Grammarly Logo 1

    • Provides vocabulary, detailed explanation for all your mistakes, and weekly progress reports about your mistakes 
    • Web browser extension or plug-in for Microsoft office applications 
    • Requires free or premium account   
    • Checks for plagiarism, spelling, and grammar based on context 


    Ginger Logo 3

    • Provides translations, dictionary, text reader, and personal training based on your mistakes 
    • Checks for grammar and sentence phrasing 
    • Available on Windows, Mac, browsers, Android, and iOS 
    • Requires free or premium account   


    f.lux logo 1

    • Adapts your computer display to the time of day; allows blue light in the morning and filters out blue light at night 
    • Exposure to blue light makes people more alert and may affect sleeping schedules 
    • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS 
    • Requires free download 

    Learning Ally 


    • Access to a library of 80,000+ human-read audiobooks 
    • Available on Windows, Mac, browsers, Android, and iOS 
    • Annual membership fee required   


    Live scribe Logo 1

    • The smartpen records conversations and links recordings to written notes 
    • Replay audio directly from paper by tapping on your notes or by clicking the controls on your pen 
    • Save, organize, and replay notes on Echo Desktop from your Window or Mac 
    • Attainable through Accessibility Resources for qualified students 


    Notability Logo 1

    • Markup photos, annotate (including recording comments) PDFs, or combine handwriting, photos, and typing in a single note 
    • Available on Mac and iOS 
    • Requires paid download in iOS app store 


    • Automated voice transcription with summary keywords, highlights, and full audio transcript available 
    • Use with online meeting platforms such as Zoom and Webex 
    • Free account available (600 minutes per month) or premium account available for purchase 

    Read & Write

    read&write Logo 1

    • A floating toolbar allows interaction with other programs such as word processors, PDF readers, and browsers 
    • Includes text reading, word prediction, spelling/grammar aid, text/picture dictionaries, image/mp3 converter to text files, and much more 
    • Available on Windows, Mac, Google, iPad, and Android tablets 
    • Free download available through Accessibility Resources 


    Stay focused logo 1