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New Security Notices

Safety Notice - Burglary

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Over the weekend, a construction trailer on the Robson Arena site was burglarized.

CC Campus Safety is working with colleagues at the Colorado Springs Police Department and will keep the community updated as the case develops.
Please remember these safety tips:

  • Keep your room or apartment locked at all times.
  • Document serial numbers to your electronic devices to aid investigators if those items are stolen.
  • If you have a car, lock it. Do not leave your vehicle running. Do not leave your keys in an unlocked vehicle.
  • Be alert. Keep your head up, remove your earbuds, and be aware of surroundings.
  • Don’t let anyone you don’t know into residence halls. 
  • Report suspicious people or vehicles immediately to Campus Safety.

CSPD Emergency 911
CSPD Non-Emergency (719) 444-7000
Campus Safety Emergency (719) 389-6911
Campus Safety Non-Emergency (719) 389-6707


Safety Notice – Felony Assault

Monday, July 28, 2020

On July 28, just after 1 a.m., officers from the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to a felony assault in the area of 714 North Nevada Ave.  The suspect, a male in his thirties wearing a blue jacket, was last seen walking west on Dale Street from Nevada Ave. Campus Safety increased patrols in the area. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the Colorado College community that Campus Safety will provide escorts for community members. You can contact Campus Safety at the non-emergency number for an escort twenty-four hours a day.  Download the Rave Guardian personal safety app to your cell phone. Also, familiarize yourself with the location of emergency light call boxes on campus, which are located at strategic points around our campus to provide direct contact with Campus Safety in the event of an emergency. To activate a call box, just press the button and you will be connected with Campus Safety.

 We want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to take an active role in your safety and that of your community by: 

  • Making sure all exterior doors and windows have working locks and that they are locked.
  • Using window chocks that limit how far a window can be opened.
  • Carrying a fully charged cellphone with emergency numbers. 
  • Downloading Rave Guardian personal safety app and using the timer notification.
  • Becoming familiarized with the location of the emergency lights/call boxes on campus. 

Contact the Colorado Springs Police Department and Campus Safety at:

CSPD Emergency 911 

CSPD Non-Emergency (719) 444-7000 

Campus Safety Emergency (719) 389-6911 

Campus Safety Non-Emergency (719) 389-6707 


Attempted Burglary / “Peeping Tom”

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Campus Safety and the Colorado Springs Police Department have received three reports from the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to campus of a suspect attempting to gain access into private residences and peeping through the windows. The reports came from the 1200 North block of Nevada Avenue, the 300 East block of Cache La Poudre Street, and the 1000 North block of Weber Street.

We want to encourage all residents in the area to continue to be thoughtful about securing windows and doors, and reporting anything out of the ordinary. 

As a reminder, Campus Safety is able to provide a ride to students and staff upon request. 


October 18, 2019


On Friday night, an armed robbery was reported near the intersection of Nevada Avenue and Dale Street, south of 7-11. The suspect followed two people from the store, and attempted to rob them at gunpoint. No CC faculty, staff, or students were involved in the incident.


The suspect is described as a male, between the ages of 16 and 23, wearing dark pants and a light gray or white hooded sweatshirt.


If you observe any unusual behavior around campus, and particularly at any of the retail stores near campus, please report that behavior immediately to Campus Safety or CSPD.

Campus Safety would like to take this opportunity to encourage the whole campus community to take an active role in your safety and the safety of the community by:


  • Making sure that any monetary transactions are conducted with discretion; attempt to avoid displaying any amount of currency while making financial transactions in public places.
  • Always being aware of your surroundings while walking. Be careful not to allow music and other communication devices from drawing too much of your attention.
  • Travelling in well-lit areas. Utilize the Rave Guardian app or walk in groups for safety.