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    Emergency Situations

    First Steps in an Emergency

    Ensure the safety and well-being of program participants.
    Call the equivalent of 911 in the US if Appropriate: List of Emergency Numbers by Country

    CALL SOS IMMEDIATELY if the emergency involves medical or safety/security issues.

    Phone Number in Philadelphia: 1-215-942-8226
    Colorado College Member Number: 11BSGC000027

    Notify Colorado College Campus Safety immediately after contacting SOS:
    Campus Safety Phone Number: 1-719-389-6707

    Tell the dispatcher that this is an international or off-campus emergency and ask to be connected with the on-duty Global Education staff. Campus Safety will connect you with someone after hours.  

    Colorado College Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
    Office: (719) 227-8101 
    24/7 On-Call Advocate: (719) 602-0960

    SOS Emergency Assistance Information

    International SOS is a medical and travel assistance program available to all students and CC employees outside the U.S. on a College sponsored trip.  International SOS alarm centers are open to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Staffed by doctors and nurses, multilingual coordinators, security experts, and air and ground logistics personnel, they can respond rapidly to any type of emergency or call for assistance.

    If you have an emergency, please contact the SOS alarm center.  The first number listed below specializes in educational institutions, but you can call any of the centers for help.  All numbers include the country code and all locations accept collect calls.  These are the same numbers listed on the SOS cards that you and the students have. 

    Scholastic Number in Philadelphia: 1-215-942-8478

    Philadelphia: 1-215-942-8226                                        Singapore: 65-6338-7800

    London: 44-20-8762-8008                                             Sydney: 61-2-9372-2468

    Have the following information ready:

    • Your name
    • Refer to Colorado College
    • CC member number     11BSGC000027
    • Telephone number from which you are calling
    • Name, location, and telephone number of hospital or clinic
    • Name, location, and telephone number for the treating doctor and where the doctor can be reached
    • Name of caller, location, fax/telephone number, relationship to member
    • Description of the member’s condition and or situation.

    SOS will work with you to assess the situation and arrange for a coordinated local, regional, or global response to help you. SOS alarm centers work closely with accredited network providers, air ambulances services, and medical clinics.