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    Billing and Finances

    Eligibility: Aid is available to all Colorado College students who have completed their first semester of study and who are currently on need-based financial aid at the College (FAFSA for U.S. students and CSS Profile for international students). If you have previously received a Academic Year (AY) Financial Aid Award, you are not eligible to apply again. Note that AY aid awards are separate from summer aid awards, so if you’ve been awarded a summer award before, you CAN apply for an AY award. Each CC student is eligible for one summer award and one AY award.  

    Awards: Awards will be granted on a first-come first-served basis and preference will be given to rising seniors, then rising juniors, then rising sophomores. The amount awarded is based on your level of financial need. AY Financial Aid Awards take into account the total course costs, including the program fee, estimated airfare, and any additional costs such as a required visa.

    Note: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, no award will be made until the balance is cleared. Awards are not transferable; if you drop your course you must re-apply for an award for a different course (unless your original course was canceled). 

    Program Fee: This fee covers travel-related expenses of the course such as housing, meals, excursions, entry fees, local transportation, etc. Most do not cover airfare. It is your responsibility to understand what is included in the program fee and what is not covered. 

    Dropping a Course: If you drop the course after the designated date (which differs for each AY course), you will be held responsible for paying the program fee. More specific information will be provided to you pre-departure and you will sign a program fee agreement; check with the Center for Global Education for more details.

    Deposit: There is no deposit required to register for an off-campus AY course.