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    Returning to CC

    Welcome back to CC from your off-campus study experience(s)!

    Here are several useful handouts that we have put together in conjunction with the Career Center at CC, to address the common questions that students may ask: How can I feature what I have learned on a resume or in an interview? How can I find a way to go abroad again? What about working, teaching, volunteering, or grad school?

    We hope these resources are helpful.

    International Career Resources

    Organizations to look into working with (internships and fellowships)

    How to Market Your Experience From Off-Campus Study

    Steps To Teaching or Volunteering Abroad

    Working in International Education

    Grants and graduate school fellowships you might be interested in:

    A full list of internal and external grants for upperclassmen and recent graduates (and support for your application process!) can be found at this CC webpage.