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    Smart Classrooms

    Over 80% of Colorado College classrooms are smart, meaning they have a projector or flat-screen TV and sound system, other items (DVD/VHS player, Blu-Ray player, etc.), and accept computer or other peripheral input.

    List of Smart Classrooms

    Connecting to the system

    Many of our classrooms have been upgraded to Crestron digital control systems. They are as user friendly as the older SP Control Panel rooms, but offer more flexibility, and improved signal quality over the analog systems. Touch the screen to wake the system. Turn the projector on by pressing ON, or by selecting a video source. You can play audio without turning on the projector by pressing the AUX AUDIO button and connecting your device via the 3.5mm headphone connection at the rack. Rooms that have Apple TV or Air Media will indicate which Airplay network or IP address to enter on your device. To shutdown the system, press the power icon in the upper right corner and confirm on the following page.StartupMain


    If the touch panel is unresponsive, try restarting the processor by using a pen or other narrow object to press the hardware reset button (HW-R) on the front. Note that the complete reset can take upwards of two minutes. Please call the Solutions Center at 389-6449 if the panel is still unresponsive.