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    Bridge Scholar Leadership Development Program

    The Bridge Scholar Leadership Program is designed to give a diverse group of students, Bridge Scholars, the opportunity to develop their outdoor leadership and increase their comfort in the outdoors. 

    About the Program

    RS63061_IMG_0492-webStarting in 2017 Outdoor Education partnered with The Butler Center, the Bridge Scholar Program and the Academic Deans Office to create the Bridge Scholar Leadership Development Program. This is a semester long program that begins with days hikes, certifies 10 students to be OE Assistant Leaders, and culminates in an international trip. In 2017 and 2018 Bridge Scholar Leadership Development Program did treks in Colombia, in 2019 they will go to Costa Rica. 


    "The Bridge Scholars [Leadership Development] is a wonderful way to get traditionally underrepresented groups in the outdoors and feel confident and comfortable with themselves!" Karina Grande '20

    "This trip made a positive impact on me - it was my first time visiting a foreign country where I spoke the local language, I learned about and participated in the indigenous culture which I otherwise wouldn't have known about, and I bonded with my fellow Bridge Scholars whilst we learned how to be outdoor leaders." Shane Brown '20