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Inclusion in the Outdoors

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

Colorado College Outdoor Education is committed to diversity and inclusion through a collective journey of physical and emotional challenge while cultivating a sense of place in the areas we explore.  Finding comfort in the vulnerability of the outdoor experience means discovering individual differences, change, and growth as we work together to create a strong community.  Inclusion is about making participants and leaders feel recognized and valued regardless of their background, ability, or identity.  We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create their own experiences in the natural world. Outdoor Education strives to empower the outdoor community at CC to confidently participate in the ongoing discussion and education of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

AllAdventuresAs of Fall 2018 all Outdoor Education On-Campus Facilities have an "All Adventures Welcome" sticker visible. This furthers our commitment to fostering a safe and welcoming outdoor culture for everyone at Colorado College. 

Our DEI Work

Outdoor Education has had the amazing opportunity to welcome and host a variety of speakers and events dedicated to helping diversifying the outdoors. Along with some of the speakers listed below we had an Executive in Residence working on DEI efforts for our program. We also hosted our first LGBTQIA+ visibility week called PRIDE OUTSIDE!

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Carolyn Finney: Author of 
Black Faces, White Spaces

Image result for elyse rylander

Elyse Rylander: Founder of Out
There Adventures

Image result for james mills outdoors

James Mills: Author of 
The Adventure Gap:
Changes the Face of the Outdoors


Britt McClintock: 
Inclusion & Identity

Executive in Residence

RS61329_DSC_1709 copy-web

Abby Dione:
1st Black Female to Own a
US Indoor Climbing Gym


Pinar & So Sinopoulos-Lloyd:
Founders of Queer Nature

Trips & Trainings

Bridge Scholar Leadership Development Program


FOOT: Students of Color Backpacking

Ski Resort Leader Training

First Time Ski Resort Trips

First Time Campout in Moab

Women in Wilderness Outward Bound Course

Heads of State Outward Bound Course

Custom Trips for Student Clubs

Outward Bound SoC Block Break Backpacking Moab


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Facility Hours

Outdoor Education Center
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

To keep our staff safe, we are trying to limit the number of drop-in visitors to the building. Please contact us by phone or email to set up an appointment. Thank you!

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The Ahlberg Gear House, Bike & Ski Co-op, and Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym are now open with limited operations.  Please visit each facility page for more information regarding hours and precautionary measures.

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