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Mentorship Program

ALI - Mentorship Program




The ALI Mentorship Program is designed to provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in continued learning and development of their technical and leadership skills through mentorship with Outdoor Education Professional Staff. Mentees will work specifically with a professional staff member in order to create a unique action plan designed around the mentees’ goals. 

This 2-3 block program will consist of meetings, workshops/clinics, and off campus trips. 

Students will be able to apply for the program through an on-going application on Summit where they will express their interest, general goals, and expectations of why they want to be in this program. 

Apply on Summit.

Program Goals

  • Meet students where they are at in order to create a unique action plan to help them meet their goals as it relates to their outdoor and leadership skills. 
  • Create opportunities to provide knowledge, advice, skills, and resources for students through on and off campus opportunities. 
  • Learn about student’s goals and support their personal growth.
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn and practice specific outdoor skills and techniques
  • Equip students with the understanding and tools to make informed decisions around their growth and outdoor pursuits.
  • Help students identify and pursue opportunities for continued growth and development 

Time Commitment & Expectations

  • Students accepted into the mentorship program are expected to commit to 2-3 blocks of skill and leadership development. Specific time commitment will vary during the 2-3 block commitment based on the student’s goals and individual expectations. 
  • Students will meet regularly with their mentor in order to create and develop developmental opportunities based around the student’s goals.