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    Priddy Experience Directory


    This year, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Priddy Trip experience for both Fall and Winter Starts will be a little different but rest assured that we will still be providing and facilitating a fun, experiential, small group experience that enables you to connect to CC, meet other incoming students and begin to develop friendships while learning about life at CC and how you can be successful here. 

    Outdoor Education’s primary goal is to create a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment. In order to do that effectively this year, we have decided to move all of our traditional off campus trips to an on campus experience. Our goal is to replicate the off campus environment and experience by placing you in small groups, having Priddy Trip Student Leaders, and participate in community engagement and sense of place and cultural day activities more locally within and around Colorado Springs. By staying on campus and staying local, we will be able to adhere to any and all social distancing requirements while creating a fun, safe, and welcoming experience similar to our traditional off campus Priddy trips. 

    Outdoor Education is continually  monitoring updates and changes in regards to COVID-19 response and plans to “get back to normal” and will continue to update the Priddy Experience plan accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns as well as checking for updates on the CC COVID Response Webpage.

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    2020 NSO Interns



    Name: Grace Amjad

    Pronouns: She/her/hers

    Year: Sophomore                                                                           

    Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

    Major: Creative Writing

    Involvements: Greek life (Delta Gamma Director of Recruitment), Colorado College Equestrian team, Theatre Workshop

    Why we applied for this position: My priddy trip was one of my favorite parts of my first year at CC and I want to give that same experience to as many people as possible. I also want to make the outdoors and Outdoor Ed feel more accessible for people with less experience (as I did and still do) and get outside more myself!

    Favorite NSO memory: One night all my fellow trippees and I laid out in a field to look at the stars. We sat there for hours and just talked and got to know each other, they were the most beautiful stars I had ever seen and it was one of the first times I really felt like I had found my home in Colorado. 

    Any advice or words of encouragement: The first few weeks (and even months) of college can feel really lonely and it’s hard to see it but everyone is feeling exactly the same way. So try to put yourself out there and talk to as many people as possible and just be yourself! College is often the first time you really feel like you can be yourself so take advantage and meet people who are like you and meet people who aren’t like you at all and just have fun!


    Name: Delaney Kenyon

    Pronouns: she/her/hers

    Year: Junior                                                               

    Hometown: State College, Pennsylvania

    Major: Organismal Biology & Ecology, Human Biology and Kinesiology Minor, Pre-Med 

    Involvements: Colorado College Cutthroat Rugby, Colorado College EMS, Writer for The Catalyst, Outdoor Ed Backcountry Leader, Fitness Center Self Defense Instructor, Crew for the Colorado College Theatre and Dance Scene Shop

    Why I applied for this position: I love the Outdoor Ed community at CC and how it has strived to dispel as many hurdles as possible to getting outside. I want to help facilitate this process and bring my unique perspective involving getting female identifying, LGBT+ identifying, and lower-income people into the outdoors. I hope to use planning NSO to create a smooth transition into CC life for incoming students and introduce them to outdoor and normal life at CC. 

    Favorite NSO memory: For my own NSO experience I loved sitting around the campfire or the cooking stove and getting to know the people around me. It was also super validating to hear that despite how completely different we all were as humans, we were here together and we all had the same hopes and fears, and that our leaders had felt similarly coming into their time at CC. 

    Any advice or words of encouragement: Again, everyone is feeling the same way you do right now. Terrified, excited, anxious, giddy. Use that base level understanding to get out of your shell or help others get out of theirs. Get to know those around you. NSO can become a lot of asking the same five questions to each other, so try to find a fun way to break out of that! Otherwise: enjoy this time, make sure to take time for yourself if necessary, don’t worry too much. It’ll all work out!


    Name: Kyle Zinkula

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Year: Junior

    Hometown: Mount Vernon, IA

    Major: English

    Involvements: Outdoor Education Trip Leader, Intramural Sports Referee, Men’s Club Rugby Player, Gear House Employee, Editor and Writer for The Catalyst

    Why we applied for this position: I love being able to share my experiences and knowledge about Colorado College with the incoming students. My trip leaders were able to make me more excited for our NSO trip and prepared for beginning college afterwards than I had ever guessed I could feel. I was eager to create the same experience for incoming students by leading trips, and now hope to be able to reach an even greater number of incoming students by being a part of planning NSO

    Favorite NSO memory: Two trip mates, one of our leaders, and myself were around our group’s cooking space simply asking any last minute questions and receiving final advice before heading back to CC that same day. That conversation stands out in my memory as it left myself feeling prepared to finally dive into the CC community and step into the college classroom. 

    Any advice or words of encouragement: If you are ever feeling stressed or confused, know that everyone does at some point in their transition into college, and that CC has the resources to help you adapt to the change and make the most of your time here. 

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    To keep our staff safe, we are trying to limit the number of drop-in visitors to the building. Please contact us by phone or email to set up an appointment. Thank you!

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    The Ahlberg Gear House, Bike & Ski Co-op, and Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym are now open with limited operations.  Please visit each facility page for more information regarding hours and precautionary measures.

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