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    Partner With Us

    Join us in building the next generation
    of social sector leaders.

    The PIFP helps local nonprofits fill gaps in their staff by conducting the legwork behind hiring. Partner organizations gain access to committed, idealistic, and energetic candidates who have studied on Colorado College’s Block Plan. This unique academic schedule teaches students to tackle single projects quickly and intensively both individually and in teams to complete assignments and develop solutions on extremely short deadlines. Our students thrive at organizations that do the following:

    • Address significant social issues

    • Focus on innovative, effective, and systemic change within society

    • Utilize skills of Fellow by assigning, supervising, and coaching them through meaningful projects

    • Grow each Fellows' workplace skills, nonprofit understanding, and professional capacity to ensure that their organization is benefiting from PIFP partnership

    Partnering Details


    Note: The PIFP application cycle is on hold until 2021 in order to allow partner organizations to best understand the financial impact of COVID-19 and determine if they are able to employ a Colorado College PIFP fellow.


    Partner organizations must submit their application materials by January 8, 2021 to 

    Partner organizations will be accepted to employ a fellow by February 5, 2021. 

    Students apply by February 18 @ 4:00pm, 2021.

    Between February 18 and February 28, 2021, students are evaluated by 10+ CC alumni working in the nonprofit sector.

    Partner organizations offer and complete final interviews during March.

    Students are offered positions on April 1 + April 2. 

    What's the cost?

    Summer Fellowships average 10 weeks in length (typically beginning in late May or early June).

    • Partner organizations pay the Summer Fellow $500/40h worked. 
    • Total earnings for a fellow averages $4500 - $5500
    • Partner organizations in Boulder and Denver are required to offer an additional transportation stipend/benefit to offset the higher living cost.

    Yearlong Fellowships average 12 months in length (typically beginning July).

    • Partner organizations pay the Yearlong Fellow $31,500 for 12 months + offer to cover health insurance.
    • Partner organizations in Boulder and Denver are required to offer at least 1 additional benefit/stipend (eg. bus pass, gym membership, rent stipend)

    Partner With Us

    Becoming a PIFP partner organization will allow you to gain streamlined access to our creative, intelligent, and idealistic young professionals. 

    Fellowship Description Form 21-22

    Partner Organization Application Form 21-22

    Yearlong organizations may apply for capacity grants of up to $6,000 to offset the cost of hosting yearlong fellows if they demonstrate financial need. Summer organizations may apply for capacity grants of up to $1,000. Please see the partner organization application form for more information on how to apply for this grant.

    "The most rewarding part of my fellowship was being pushed to do more than I thought I was capable of doing. In a period of less than five months, our team of three people organized and launched a prevention and awareness campaign, we also wrote a program proposal for a new branch of TESSA in just three days, and I've become much more adept at event planning, networking, and being creative and resourceful in fulfilling the wide needs of a non-profit that has very limited funds and resources; I never dreamed I'd accomplish so many things that contributed to my professional growth in such a short time."

    Caroline Olin (Yearlong 18-19)

    "The PIFP fellows are bright, talented, and committed to performing high-quality work. They bring a well-rounded educational background and superior writing, analysis, and communications skills to the fellowship. They are dedicated to the work of our organization and excited to be working on public policy issues."

    Rich Jones
    Director of Policy and Research
    The Bell Policy Center


    Cari Hanrahan, Director
    Public Interest Fellowship Program and Nonprofit Initiatives