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Registrar's Office

Countdown to Winter Break Begins!

The Registrar’s Office is currently working remote (from home) and going in to the office on a needs basis. We will respond to all requests in the order they are received within 1 to 3 business days; all requests should include your student ID# and complete course information. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. To ensure the best handling of your request, please reach out to – you need only email once! If you have not received a response by the 3rd business day please feel free to reach back or give us a call at 719-389-6610. 

We understand that this situation is causing anxiety for many people and we are responding as fast as we can.  We thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to servicing you. Please keep in mind as we approach Winter Break, we ask that all requests be submitted by Monday, December 14th in order to be processed before the holiday.

Our Services Are At Your Finger Tips. 

  • Many of our services are available via Banner SSB.
  • Official transcripts are ordered online at coloradocollege/offices/registrar/transcripts (available electronically!)
  • Additional requests can be made by completing the available form online at coloradocollege/offices/registrar/forms.
  • Completed forms or further help can be directed to All requests submitted will be answered in the order they were received. Our normal response time for completed forms is 2-3 business days. Please understand a possible delay due to high volume. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Please note that College Reports (Common Applications) take 2-3 business days to complete. To ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible: send the College Report with your portion completed to, include the email addresses of the college you would like it sent to. We are working quickly to process all requests however this is a form that must go to multiple offices. We appreciate your patience.

Title Name Contact Info
Registrar Phillip Apodaca


PH: (719) 389-6613

Assistant Registrar Candace Santa Maria


PH: (719) 389-6273

Systems Administrator Greg Walters


PH: (719) 389-6312

Administrative Assistant Ashley Nicholas


PH: (719) 389-6122

Senior Academic Records Assistant Christine Brett


PH: (719) 389-6611

Academic Records Assistant Karen West


PH: (719) 389-6612

Academic Records Assistant Kira McCormack


PH: (719) 389-6855


...starts with being registered in the right course!

Are You Adding A Course After Friday (weekend before the block starts)?  If you are adding a course after 5pm the Friday before the block starts, you will be required to enter the instructor’s consent PIN. Instructors receive their their final class rosters by end of business day on Friday and would now need to give permission to any new joiner to be in their class (this includes students off of the waitlist).  *PLEASE NOTE* Students have Days 1 & 2 of block to update their registration using Add/Drop in Banner.

This process will:

  • Add the new class and provide instant access to its Canvas page
  • Drop/Remove any existing class and its Canvas page and also send a drop confirmation notice to that instructor (there is no need for a second PIN!)
  • Please DO NOT ask to be added directly to Canvas – this does not complete the registration process and could jeopardize a student’s ability to receive credit for a course; please request the instructor’s consent PIN (COI PIN) and use Add/Drop for proper registration practices. Banner has a backup feed to Canvas scheduled nightly; any Adds directly to Canvas that don’t match Banner registrations will be removed.

Did You Know Waitlists Are Temporary Registrations?  Waitlists are considered temporary registrations and are removed from student schedules shortly after the final class rosters are distributed to instructors; this takes place the Friday before the block starts. If you are left on a waiting list for the upcoming block, it is recommended to register for an open course with available seats by using Add/Drop in Banner SSB (located on the Student Menu) before end of business day Friday. Instructors may choose to overload their courses starting on the first day of block. Students can always make a final attempt and pursue the course they were waitlisted for by seeking the permission of the instructor on days 1 & 2 by email request and - if approved - requesting for their COI PIN (the consent of instructor PIN). This PIN is considered the instructor's signature and is used in Add/Drop to confirm your registration change.

Students, Review Your Schedule & Available Courses In Banner  If you do not see a course listed on your schedule for your current block you are not officially registered. Log in to Self-Service Banner and use Add/Drop located on your Student Menu to register for an open course with available seats; you have the first two days of the course to ADD. If you are late on registration, please send us an email along with the instructor's approval to be added to the course or their COI PIN and the course information and we can help you further. All students are expected to be enrolled full-time unless a leave or block off has been approved by the College. There have been several adjustments made to course offerings including cancellations, additions, and capacity increases.  *PLEASE NOTE* As adjustments are being approved, the Course Schedule in Banner is reflecting those changes and is considered current and accurate. 

Are You Changing Your Grade Track?  Please note, there has been an extension granted for grade track changes. Starting in Block 7 of the Spring 2020 semester and continued throughout the duration in which courses remain in distance-learning only mode, the deadline to change a grade track has been extended until 5pm on the last day of each block.

Are You Dropping The Block Instead?  Students have until the second Tuesday to drop the block and can do so by using the drop-down menu next to the course found in Drop/Add. If this is your second or more block off this semester, please work with the Advising Hub to process a leave instead and to discuss any academic progress concerns that taking this block off may impact.

Notice From The Bookstore  The bookstore is closed but will process online orders. Students remaining on campus will order course materials online and pick them up in the mail room. Students should note that Amazon book orders may not arrive on time because Amazon is prioritizing deliveries of other goods.

Additional Resources  There is a central location for further learning resources available from the COVID-19 page that include web and Canvas support in addition to contacts on campus that will continue to be available to support student needs. This information can be found at the very top of this page or by click here: Teaching and Learning Resources might even start with Caching Out!

Troubles logging in or receiving an error (in error!) We always recommend that you first clear browsing cache/search history! You can do so by locating your browser’s history settings and clearing – make sure to close ALL browser pages before opening a new session and logging in. When technical issues are reported, the Registrar’s Office and ITS team work quickly to resolve these concerns. If you receive an error (in error!) try clearing your cache/history and restarting your browser.

Get The Most Out Of Your Registrar’s Office Experience!

A viable office to know on campus is the Registrar's Office. From transferring credits in, to registering for classes, verifying enrollment, and working with you through graduation (and beyond!) The Registrar and his staff are here to ensure the integrity of the student record while engaging students to be aware of academic policies and procedures. 

 The Registrar’s Office is dedicated to supporting students with:

  • FERPA Requests, Address and Name Changes
  • Registration Questions (Drop/Add or Preregistration, and Waitlists)
  • Maintaining Student Records
  • Transcript Requests, Diploma Replacements
  • Credit Transfer (includes AP/IB) *do before Preregistration!*
  • Creating Senior Thesis and Independent Study *complete the DocuSign application to replace your GS391*
  • Degree Evaluation
  • Certifying Eligibility for Graduation-you may come and meet with a Registrar, we have an open door policy, no appointments required!
  • Apply to Graduate 
  • Enrollment Verifications
  • VA Enrollment Certifications
  • Major and Minor Declarations
  • Grade Track Changes and Excused Grade Petitions
  • Block-Off Requests (Juniors & Seniors only!)

Did you need help with something else? Here are related offices:

  • Advising Hub: professional and academic advising support, advisor changes, student leaves (All students), block-off requests (first & second years only)
  • Student Accounts: billing questions
  • Financial Aid: looking for financial resources?
  • Global Education: thinking of studying abroad?
  • Accessibility Resources: need support for access, equity, and inclusion?
  • Help Desk: having trouble logging in to Banner? Got locked out of your account?

Did you know?

  • Waitlists are dropped at 5:00 pm the Friday before the block begins. If a professor lets you in off the waitlist, you must add it to your schedule using the Instructor's PIN code by the end of the second day of the course in your SSB Drop/Add.
  • All students are required to Check-In the beginning of each semester.
  • If you see a grade of "GW" (grade withheld), it means you still need to complete the course evaluation in SSB. Once you've completed the evaluation, your grade will change on your transcript.