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    Financial Literacy Program

    Every year, during the half block in January, Bridge Scholars are invited to participate in a Basic Financial Management program. Students spend 9 mornings enrolled in EC111 Basic Financial Management supplemental course and participate in afternoon financial literacy workshop hosted by the Office of Financial Aid. The morning EC111 is open to all CC students as a half block course. The afternoon financial literacy and planning workshops are only for Bridge Scholars Program students.

    Between the morning class and the afternoon workshops, we will cover

    • analysis of personal budget
    • goal setting for the college years
    • financial aid 101: Grants, loans, work, paperwork and more
    • managing employment, earning, saving, and spending while in college
    • tax planning and filing your own taxes
    • managing liquidity
    • planning to finance large purchases
    • protecting assets and income
    • analyzing investment information
    • planning for retirement

    When students complete both EC111 and the afternoon workshops, they can receive up to an additional $200 supplement to their aid package.