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    Propose a Course

    Colorado College departments and/or faculty should use one of the following online forms to submit courses for General Education designations:

    Please direct technical issues to ITS with a Subject: GenEd Workflow Question.

    Please direct questions about content to the Chair of the subcommittee of the designation you are seeking:

    • Analysis and Interpretation of Meaning: Doug Edlin (Chair)
    • Creative Process: Ruth Kolarik (Chair)
    • Equity and Power Global: Nadia Guessous (Co-Chair), Tracy Coleman (Co-Chair)
    • Equity and Power US: Nadia Guessous (Co-Chair), Tracy Coleman (Co-Chair)
    • Formal Reasoning and Logic: Darrell Killian (Chair - Fall), Peggy Daugherty (Chair - Spring)
    • Historical Perspectives: Ruth Kolarik (Chair)
    • Scientific Analysis: Darrell Killian (Chair - Fall), Peggy Daugherty (Chair - Spring)
    • Societies and Human Behavior: Doug Edlin (Chair)

    Submissions will be reviewed by the subcommittees on a rolling basis, so please complete your requests as soon as you are able.

    The final deadline for submissions is the First Friday of Block 5, (Friday, February 5, 2021).

    All approved submissions will be reviewed at the Block 6 COI and Faculty meetings