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    Emergency Preparedness

    Colorado College continues to closely monitor developments in the outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19). See Coronavirus Updates & Resources here.


    CC Alert: LOCKOUT Has Been Lifted

    Sun, 28 Mar 2021 15:21:26 +0000

    All Clear: LOCKOUT Has Been Lifted. Police Activity Has Ended

    CC Alert: LOCKOUT!

    Sun, 28 Mar 2021 14:30:36 +0000

    CC Alert: LOCKOUT! A criminal activity is occurring on or near campus. Go inside and lock all doors and windows. Stay in the building until an all-clear is given.

    Make sure you are staying up to date on all Campus Notifications! Click on the button above to check your personal information in Self Service Banner (SSB) , to ensure that the College has the correct contact information in case of an emergency notification. Once you have logged into SSB click on "Personal Information" and then "View Addresses and Phones". 

    Emergency preparedness and response is a shared responsibility.  Colorado College provides information regarding emergency preparedness and response to the campus via the College’s web site and printed materials.  Additionally, the College provides emergency information to employees upon hire and facilitates emergency training for all members of the campus community.  Faculty, staff, students, and guests at Colorado College should commit to personal preparedness and, because general preparedness guidelines may not apply in every emergency, should integrate their own preparedness activities with the circumstances of an emergency.  Although voluntary, the College encourages faculty, staff, students, and guests with disabilities to notify the College of any need for assistance in planning for emergencies.

    Please keep the following guidelines in mind during emergency situations:

    • Be positive and realistic.
    • Recognize that you may be on your own for part of the time during an emergency.
    • Realize that your actions can, and will, make a difference.
    • Try to do the most good for the most people during any emergency.


    (719) 389-6911 for a general campus emergency

    Other Emergency Contacts 


    Student Health Center
    (719) 389-6384
    Campus Safety
    (719) 389-6707
    Secondary: (719) 200-7208
    Counseling Center
    (719) 389-6093
    Dean of Students
    (719) 389-6684
    Accessibility Resources
    (719) 227-8285
    Armstrong Hall, Room 211
    Human Resources 
    (719) 389-6421
    Spencer Center, Suite 301
    Security Escort Service
    (719) 389-6340
    Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
    (719) 227-8101
    Advocate On-Call: 719-602-0960
    Shove Chapel/ Chaplains' Office
    (719) 389-6638

    Colorado Springs

    Emergency: Fire, Police, Medical
    Emergency from Campus Phone 
    Emergency Management Office
    (719) 385-5957 
    Fire Non-Emergency
    (719) 444-7000
    Police Non-Emergency
    (719) 444-7000

    El Paso County

    Fire Marshal
    (719) 575-8590
    Health Department 
    (719) 578-3199 
    El Paso County Sheriff's Office 
    (719) 390-5555

    National Services

    Department of Homeland Security 
    (800) 237-3239
    National Weather Service Recorded Forecast 
    (719) 573-6846 


    International SOS
    (215) 942-8226, CC member # 11BSGC000027
    Campus Safety
    (719) 389-6707
    Secondary: (719) 200-7208
    Center for Global Education & Field Study
    (719) 389-6077

    Campus Emergency
    (719) 389-6911