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    JED Campus Project

    By joining the JED Campus program, Colorado College is demonstrating a commitment to the emotional wellbeing and mental health of its students and entire campus community. The JED Campus program takes a comprehensive, public health approach to promoting emotional well-being and preventing suicide and serious substance abuse.  JED Campus schools embark on a multi-year strategic collaboration that not only assesses and enhances the work that is already being done, but helps create positive, lasting, systemic change in the campus community. As part of our JED Campus participation, we are also participating in a pilot of the Equity in Mental Health Framework, a collaboration between JED and the Steve Fund, which is focused on assessing and strengthening support for mental health and emotional well-being of students of color. 

    During the 2017-2018 academic year, we collected data through surveys, audits, and focus groups.  This self-assessment helped us to identify our campus strengths and areas of improvement in seven (7) areas identified by JED as key elements to mental health promotion and suicide prevention.

    JED Comprehensive Approach includes 7 areas

    Highlights of Colorado College Campus Strengths include:

    • Promote Social Connectedness:  The college has invested in equity and inclusion work broadly across campus.
    • Increase Help-seeking Behavior:  The college has policies and processes which encourage help-seeking, and also provides ready access to information and resources.
    • Provide Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services:  The Counseling Center offers comprehensive services, including 24/7 on-call, and has increased the number of providers and hours of service
    • Follow Crisis Management Procedures:  The college has excellent 24/7 resources and notification systems.
    • Restrict Access to Potentially Lethal Means:  The college has utilized a master space plan to identify and mitigate access to lethal means.

    Highlights of Colorado College Areas for Growth include:

    • Identify Students at Risk:  The college already offers excellent Gatekeeper trainings (i.e., Mental Health First Aid and QPR); increasing participation of faculty and staff is a priority.
    • Promote Social Connectedness:  Collaborating and consolidating training for the various peer mentorship programs, continuing to address the concerns of under-represented groups, and developing more opportunities that allow students to deepen relationships across blocks are priorities.
    • Develop Life Skills:  The college already offers a wide array of programs and opportunities for students to develop life skills, but programming is siloed.  Assessing the efficacy of current programming, and creating opportunities to increase collaboration and integrate the curricular and co-curricular are priorities.

    JED Campus Committee members

    Rachael Abler, Outdoor Education Specialist
    Paul Buckley, Assistant Vice President, Director of The Butler Center
    Allen Bertsche, Director of Global Education
    Pedro de Araujo, Associate Dean of the College/Associate Professor of Economics
    William Dove, Director, Counseling Center
    Jan Edwards, Director - Accessibility Resources & ADA/504 Coordinator
    Traci Freeman, Director, Colket Learning Center
    Bethany Grubbs, Director, Residential Experience
    Kate Holbrook, Chaplain
    Heather Horton, Director, Wellness Resource Center

    Debbie Howell, Elder-in-Residence
    Matt Bonser, Director, Admissions
    John Lauer, Associate Vice President for Student Life
    Teresa Leopold, Director of Student Support, Student Opportunities and Advising Hub

    Tom Monagan, Head Athletic Trainer
    Laurie Mozingo, Benefits Manager, HR
    Jane Murphy, Associate Professor, History
    Megan Nicklaus, Director, Career Center

    Natanya Pulley, Assistant Professor, English
    Mary Sanchez, Operations Manager, Davita Medical Group
    Maggie Santos, Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Management
    Michael Sawyer, Assistant Professor, Race, Ethnicity and Migration Studies
    Chris Starr, Director of Recreation & Fitness Center
    Lyrae Williams, Associate Vice President of Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
    Stephanie Wurtz, Assistant Vice President for Communications
    Tiffany Kelly, Director of Parent and Family Relations

    CCSGA Student Representative

    Mental Health Links


    Looking for information and support?  Access JED's ULifeline webpage.


    Are you a young person of color? Feeling down, stressed or overwhelmed?

    Text STEVE to 741741 and a live, trained Crisis Counselor will respond.

    Access a Toolkit for Managing Symptoms of Racial Trauma.

    Also, check out Vice's Self-Care Tips for Black People Who Are Struggling.

    Find us on social media!