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    Gold Card
    Quick Reference

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    Get A Gold Card Worner Desk
    Put Money on a Gold Card Student Accounts
    Upload Photo for Gold Card How-To Video
    Report a Lost Card Account Management
    Order Meals at Baca Dean's Office
    Learn More About Meal Plans Student Accounts

    Get A Gold Card

    Put Money on a Gold Card

    Report a Lost Card

    Order Meals at Baca

    Learn More About Meal Plans

    Gold Card


    Colorado College is pleased to offer our campus community the ease and confidentiality of a "one-card" system. Not simply an ID, the Colorado College Gold Card is the key to many campus services including: photo identification, improved security, controlled residence hall access, cash-less transactions, library access, sports/activity tickets, as well as other services including printers and copiers. Students are required to have a Gold Card in their possession at all times and present it to Campus Safety or other college officials whenever requested. It is a serious conduct violation to transfer, deface, or alter a Gold Card. Anyone found to have misused a card will be subject to disciplinary action. 

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    How to Get a Gold Card

    The Worner Campus Center Desk issues all Gold Cards. New students receive their Gold Card during New Student Orientation.

    New faculty/staff members may obtain a Gold Card when employment paperwork is complete. When you receive an email approving your Gold Card request, please go to Single Sign In: and choose Gold Card Management.  From there select Photo Upload and follow the guidelines to upload your photo.  You will receive an email when your card is available for pick up.  Be prepared to show a photo ID.

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    Lost or Stolen Card

    Cardholders are responsible for immediately reporting a lost/stolen card through Single Sign In.

    1. Navigate to Single Sign In and choose GOLD CARD MANAGEMENT
    2. Under Account Management, choose Lost/Stolen Card 
    3. Click on DEACTIVATE. Lost cards may be reactivated through these same steps.

    All services will be deactivated once the card has been reported lost to prevent possible misuse by another party. The cardholder will not be able to gain access to any location requiring a Gold Card or obtain access to any funds on the account until the card is re-activated or replaced.

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    Replacement Cards

    Replacement cards are reissued to students for a $30 replacement fee and can be charged to your student account.

    Staff and Faculty may request a replacement card through Gold Card Management.

    To request a replacement card, navigate to the Single Sign In: and choose Gold Card Management.  Under Account Management, choose Replacement Gold Card.  You will be notified when your card is ready for pick up.  Be prepared to show a photo ID.

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    Account Funds

    Funds may be deposited on to a Gold Card Plus account through Single Sign In:, choose GOLD CARD MANAGEMENT and MAKE A GOLD CARD PLUS DEPOSIT

    Money deposited on the Gold Card Plus account is available for use at all campus locations as well as many off-campus locations.

    The Bon Appetit Faculty/Staff Lunch Club is only purchased through GOLD CARD MANAGEMENT. The Lunch Club may only be used at Rastall Café

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    These on-campus locations accept Gold Card Plus as well as cash or credit cards:

       Worner Campus Center Desk, main level of Worner Campus Center

       Colorado College Bookstore, lower level of Worner Campus Center 

       Benjamin's and Colorado Coffee, main level of Worner Campus Center 

       The Preserve, is located in the heart of the Western Ridge complex

       Susie B's, Tutt Library

       Local Goods, is located on the lower level of Mathias Hall.

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    These OFF campus locations accept Gold Card Plus

    Gold Card plus locations

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    Gold Cards are available to a spouse/domestic partner and/or dependents of Colorado College employees. A dependent Gold Card authorizes the user for many privileges and access including Tutt Library, Adam F Press Fitness Center, Schlessman Pool, and Honnen Ice Rink. Tickets to Colorado College events are often free (or discounted) with a CC ID. Spouse/Dependents are not eligible to participate in the Bon Appetit Lunch Club program.  

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